Customer Loyalty Strategy

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Sorry it’s been too long since our last post but we have been busy doing seminars. We hope to update our blog a little more frequently.

I was on linked in yesterday and saw a discussion started with a question on what are people using as attributes to enhance their “Customer Loyalty Strategy”. I was a little surprised by some of the responses. The idea of customer loyalty seems to be some card you keep on your key chain or a reward you give your employee for taking care of a customer. From the responses I read I have come to the conclusion that these programs are not too successful. That should come as no surprise!

Customer Loyalty is not today’s program in hopes of driving repeat business. Customer Loyalty is the ability of your employees to make that emotional connection with a customer. So how do we define an emotional connection? An emotional connection is different for every individual. It is the connection with a customer that is deeper than just meeting the expectation. That is what the competition does. It’s going beyond that! So how do you teach it? You can’t! It’s a development process that starts with the culture of your business. It starts with the business owner and trickles down to all the employees.

An example of that emotional connection can be a visit to a restaurant. You can go to the restaurant have a quality meal,pay a fair price and leave without a bad experience. The restaurant was successful satisfying you, nothing more,nothing less. Will that experience drive you back for a future visit? Maybe. Let’s say you go to that same restaurant and you run into a server that is really good with people. Starts up a conversation makes you feel relaxed,recommends an exceptional meal, the complete experience is beyond belief. When you’re on your way out the door getting in your car you just say to yourself, WOW! That is what drives customer loyalty!

The next time you make a decision of where to dine where do you think you are going? Back to the same restaurant and you’ll probably ask for the same server! That is how you can get a Loyalty Strategy in your business. Loyalty is built by having a Loyalty strategy built in your Strategic Plan, a Loyalty Strategy within your leadership, A Loyalty process and Loyal employees. When looking at your business these all need to be developed and implemented.

Why should a business owner pay so much attention to developing this strategy? According to Fred Reichold author of “The Ultimate Question,” a 5% improvement in customer retention can improve profits up to 100%. The best way to improve customer retention is by developing a Loyalty Strategy.

Loyalty Solutions is getting ready to launch Customer Loyalty Seminars in June. We’ll have more information to follow. If you would like to get more details feel free to contact either Bill Griffith at or Jeff Johnstone at or Ocie Irons at

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