Customer Relations Specialist  09/03/2010

September 7, 2010

I was with some friends a couple of nights ago, I was telling them about some exciting seminars my partners and I are putting together to help businesses develop a Customer Loyalty culture at their place of business. As I was speaking of the seminars and some of the content I was asked if I was a C.R.M. (Customer Relations Manager) “Specialist”, to which I answered “Yes, I am.” As I was thinking of his question I began to ask myself, what qualifies anyone as a C.R.M. specialist?

The qualifications would be a person with extensive experience in customer relations, right? Don’t we all have experience in this field? We have all been customers many, many times. We have all developed relationships with local businesses and had unique experiences in dealing with those businesses. The most memorable relationships and business experiences stand out, causing us to return and to bring our friends. I would define a customer relations specialist as one who creates this unique experience consistently for customers and then earns their loyalty.

What is it that would have you recommend a place of business to your friends and family? And if you do what does “Customer Loyalty “mean to that business? In simple dollars and cents let’s take a look at the impact on the restaurant business. What would be the possible effect if your expectations were not only met but exceeded to the point of being delighted? If the restaurants average bill is $100.00 per couple and you visit that restaurant four times a year, (Birthdays, Anniversary, and one Miscellaneous visit) you would spend $ 400.00 per year. Simple, right? Over a ten year period you would spend $ 4000.00 with that restaurant.

Let’s take a look at the 10 people you have told of your experience at this great restaurant. If 5 of the ten try it and they have the same impression of their visit it is now their favorite restaurant and they visit as often as you do well… I’m sure you can see where this is going. The first impression being a lasting impression and Customer Loyalty being the culture of the restaurant we can see taking care of that one customer can lead to $ 24,000.00 of business plus it has continuous growth because your five friends are telling their five friends and so on.

Now that we have looked at the restaurant business look at your business. This formula applies to all business whether we’re manufacturing, selling homes and insurance, whatever your business is. It’s networking with immediate rewards. It’s absolutely imperative to follow the simple business philosophy to treat people the way you want to be treated. The positive economic impact is immediate and it’s long term.

So come on all you C.R.M. specialists out there, take a look at the inside of your business and start developing a Customer Loyalty culture in your business today! If you would like a free consultation you can give any of us at a call or check out our websites.

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